Recordati BeNeLux

RECORDATI is an international pharmaceutical group subdivided in Specialty and Primary Care and Rare Diseases. Recordati is dedicated to partnering, discovering and developing innovative, value added medication that improve the quality of life and help people to enjoy longer, healthier and a more productive life.

Since 2007 for Rare diseases & 2018 for Specialty and Primary care

In 150 countries worldwide

4300+ employees

>90 years of experience


Recordati was founded in Correggio (Emilia, Italy) as “Laboratorio Farmacologico Reggiano” by Giovanni Recordati.


Recordati is introduced on the Italian Stock Exchange.


Recordati outlines its growth and development strategy embarking on a process of internationalization.


The pharmaceutical pipeline is strengthened through the launch of new drugs.


Recordati acquires Orphan Europe and starts operating in the rare diseases segment.


Start of Recordati Specialty and Primary Care in the BeNeLux.

Main activities

Rare Diseases

RECORDATI Rare Diseases has been developing and providing orphan drugs for the treatment of rare diseases since 1990, well before the orphan drug legislation was introduced in Europe. We believe that every patient has the right to the best possible treatment, including patients with rare diseases.

Specialty & Primary Care

RECORDATI Specialty and Primary Care provides a wide range of treatments in different therapeutic areas such as cardiology, psychiatry and gastroenterology offering patients adequate medication ensuring a better quality of life.

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2021/002/RecBE- January – Date of approval 02/2021